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Joyce, Jonathan, Will and El are settling into their new home in New Mexico. The Byers have been through too many rough moments in the last three years and Joyce decided it was enough. Although Hop isn't here anymore and they all miss him terribly, they are now just ready to turn the page and start fresh.

But right one year after moving from Hawkins, things are going to turn upside down a way no one could have ever expected. Joyce receives a phone call from Murray, but she can't answer it right away. When she calls him back, she listens to this voice message he has set up specifically for her...


So Murray wants to meet Joyce in person. But... where? She doesn't even know where to go. She keeps trying to reach him for the next days but he won't answer back any of her calls. But a few days later, someone knocks on the Byers door. Joyce gets it and finds no one there... but there is a letter on the floor. She opens the envelope and reads:



Where should Joyce meet Murray? (THE ANSWER IS JUST ONE WORD)

Murray has some exciting news: Bottom
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