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HE'S ALIVE. Chief Jim Hopper is a prisoner in this Russian concentration camp. He doesn't even know how he got here. Last thing he remembers is that he was fighting this Russian thug, and right after that...blank. Next time he came back to consciousness, he was in this cold cell. But he hasn't given up yet. He's been working on a plan to try to make his way out of there. He's been analyzing the jailers' movements. At night, they all leave and only one guy keeps guard of the entire building where all prisoners stay. When this jailer enters his cell to give him some disgusting dinner, he manages to knock him out. He starts walking around the prison and finds a room with a phone. That might work. But who's he gonna call? He doesn't remember Joyce's number or Murray's... but he does remember one phone number. He dials and... (Press the CALL or blue conversation icon button below and get your identification code!)

Enter your identification code! (THE ANSWER IS TWO WORDS)

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