Dustin is lying in bed. Bored. He's tired of Mike being at the phone all day with El and Max and Lucas hanging out together all the time. With Will out of the picture, he realises how much he misses the old times when the gang only had to worry about which characters they should pick to play D&D. He's going through those memories while looking at his bookshelf. The D&D board, the talkies, the compass that led them all the way to Hawkins Lab three years ago... So many memories. Wait a minute... the compass... THE COMPASS ISN'T POINTING TRUE NORTH! Dustin tries to reach Mike:

- Dustin: Hey Mike, do you copy? This is a code red, I repeat this is A CODE RED! DO YOU COPY? OVER!

No answer. He tries Lucas.

- Dustin: LUCAS. Lucas, do you copy? I've got A CODE RED! DO YOU COPY? OVER!

- Erica: What now, nerd.

- Dustin: Oh my God, Erica, where's your brother? I repeat, THIS IS A...

- Erica: Yep, a code red, heard you the first time. Well, I don't know where he is and I honestly don't care either.

- Dustin: Erica please, THIS IS URGENT! There could be a doorway to the upside down opening again in Hawkins! ERICA, AMERICA NEEDS YOU RIGHT NOW!

- Erica: Wow, that capitalism speech really moved you last year, didn't it? Well guess what, I'm up for a movie date with Jason Burbank so I don't have time for your nerdy stupid games. So byyeee Dustyyybuuuun (in a mocking tone).

(Erica hangs up)

- Dustin: son of a...

- Mike: Dustin, I copy! What's wrong? Over!

- Dustin: OH SH*T, MIKE! THANK GOD, meet me at Maple and Cherry and get Lucas too on your way there. We're biking somewhere. I'll explain everything on our way. OVER AND OUT!

- Mike: what the...

They all meet and Dustin tells them about the compass. Something is dragging the needle away. Is it possible that...? They all bike as fast as they can. After a twenty minute race, it seems that the compass has taken them to... old Starcourt Mall.


Starcourt Mall is now sealed and waiting to be torn down. The  compass needle takes them to the Russian underground base. Specifically, to this wall with a small breach on it. It seems like evil Russians used this gate to escape from Dr. Sam Owens squad. It seems to be still healing and somehow is still attracting the compass needle. But nothing apart from that. False alarm. Except for... there are documents on a desk, over the floor, everywhere. The Commies didn't even have time to take those with them. All of them in Russian. But Lucas spots a piece of paper. There is something written in English on it. But the document is torn in several pieces. They all start looking for the remaining pieces. They find some of them. Will you help them rebuild the whole document?


Take a look at the pieces. Are you able to tell which medical institution this document belongs to? Enter it! (THE ANSWER IS JUST ONE WORD)